Forside Flag Football Results from IFAF EC flag football 2017

After three intense days the winners of the 2017 IFAF flag football european championship are Denmarks men’s national team and Denmarks women’s national team!

Day 1

Sweden vs. Israel (M): 33-40

Israel vs. Finland (W): 40-6

Israel vs. Norway (M): 51-13

Denmark vs. Israel (W): 19-26

Denmark vs. Israel (M): 48-22

Day 2

Denmark vs. Sweden (M): 54-12

Norway vs. Great Britain (M): 9-39

Denmark vs. Finland (W): 53-6

Great Britain vs. Sweden (M): 24-29

Norway vs. Denmark (M): 6-66

Great Britain vs. Denmark (W): 0-32

Great Britain vs. Denmark (W): 6-48

Sweden vs. Norway (M): 39-6

Finland vs. Great Britain (W): 6-32

Day 3

Israel vs. Great Britain (W): 19-24

Israel vs. Great Britain (M): 39-32

Bronze: Great Britain vs. Finland (W): 34-6

Bronze: Great Britain vs. Sweden (M): 19-12

Finale: Denmark vs. Israel (W): 33-6

Finale: Denmark vs. Israel (W): 39-19

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